Iris Kensmil Artist portfolio

This portfolio website for Iris Kensmil is an index of her work, exhibitions, reviews and publications.

Iris Kensmil - Home - Desktop

A visual artist from Amsterdam, Iris Kensmil imagines the role of black people in Western history. The brief for her website called to isolate single works in her portfolio. The website allows visitors to filter the archive without creating new visual combinations—that often distract the visual power of a singular item. You could call this ‘Curating the Singular’.

The solution uses archive templates that do not show the image. One is a simple list, the other a grid with works represented by empty boxes. The image is visible only when the mouse enters the box. A click leads the viewer to the full representation of the work with a caption.

Both templates can be filtered by choosing the type of work: painting, drawing, installation, print, etcetera. The list template is also used for the Resume.

Iris Kensmil - Work - Desktop

Iris Kensmil - Reviews - Smartphone
Iris Kensmil - Exhibitions - Tablet portrait

The detail view adapts based on the content: image only with a caption in Work, text only like in Reviews, or both in Exhibitions. Texts can have a carousel of images on top. The layout adapts across devices, and interactions also work on touch displays.

Iris Kensmil - Resume - Desktop