Work Update

30 October 2008

Have been working on lots of different projects lately:

Wobbe van der Meulen opened his exhibition ‘Het oog van de flat’ in Amsterdam Zuidoost last week. He did some great pinhole photography in obscured flat apartments in the Egeldonk, and asked me to make flyers, posters, and designs for the exhibition panels. You can find out more on this page about het oog van de flat on his website.

Emily and I are working on her new website, which should be finished soon. Below is one of the animations which didn’t make it. This is probably what I am working on when you try to call me and I don’t pick up the phone. Last weekend I decided to migrate the code to the latest Actionscript. AS 3 is nice, but it does take some time getting used to.

[swfobj src=”” width=”420″ height=”250″] (you guessed it, the site for Wolfspeelt, the cooperation of director/writer Denise Schreuder and saxophone player Esmée Olthuis) is now live. A little rough around the edges still.

And of course I also have my day job at Cascade, where new web projects have been started, after a bit of a lull in which we finally completed the new Cascade website.

So where is this going? Lots of work and too little time off it seems.
I am grateful for the two days off.