Year in review: 1956

10 November 2008

It’s that time of year again: media outlets are collecting news from the past year.
Over here the NOS Public Television has restored the Polygoon annual reviews from 1956 to now, and they started streaming them yesterday when I watched the first one: Prague Spring, Suez crisis, Eisenhowers second term, and our first female cabinet minister.
I found it kind of endearing to see Luns receiving Mieke Bouwman, a Dutch Woman who had been representing Dutch citizens on trial in Indonesia. This big man, speaking Dutch so correctly, remaining a course Batavian nonetheless, speaking out against the unfair trials, but clearly not being in any position to influence their course.

You can watch the reviews on the Journaal 24 site (Dutch only).
Another (older) selection can be found on the vpro website.